A Lovely Night at Beautiful Alta Veranda de Tibig

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By Rosemarie Reyes – SouthTrip Editor-in-Chief

We are a people always on the lookout for more: more excitement, more surprises, more good stuff. We always desperately attempt to squeeze more experience out of the time we have. Like most, I could use a few more well-spent hours just gazing at beauty and architecture and lush greenery.

Getting invited to stay overnight after attending a wedding in the incredibly beautiful Alta Veranda de Tibig is one sure way to squeeze in more quality time in a beautiful place to get a more rewarding experience. Did you see how I’ve managed to squeeze in “more” twice in the last sentence? It is natural to simply want more!

Our family was billeted at Alta Veranda de Tibig’s Santorini which has 2 spacious rooms ideal for a family of six. As the name suggests, inspiration came from the Greek island Santorini, with its aqua and white colors, walls with rounded edges, bright accents in the bathrooms and wooden double doors painted in the blue shade of a robin’s egg. We also appreciated the little touches that made our stay more special: glass chandeliers, ceramic door handles, numerous charging outlets and a lot of throw pillows.

One room has a queen size bed perfect for Mom and Dad. But it is the bathroom that is a sweet surprise; huge and well appointed, it boasts of a cast iron tub, a pretty sink bowl and even an aircon — how cool is that (pun intended)? The other room has two double beds for four kids with an en-suite bathroom (no tub or aircon but roomy and very pretty). It even has cushy armchairs for lounging and a hand painted table for playing board games and eating.

Each room is equipped with complete bath amenities, towels, hair dryer, slippers, personal ref, electric kettle, complimentary water bottles and sachets of coffee. Food and drinks are allowed so we brought more snacks to enjoy our mini vacay.

After a very comfortable sleep, we woke up refreshed for the Filipino buffet breakfast at the airconditioned kitchenette. Design inspiration for the breakfast room is distinctly Filipino, also the prevailing theme in the events place. We felt like being in the cozy kitchen of a contemporary Filipino home, with Batibot chairs and solid wooden tables perfect for family feasts. Lining the wooden shelves are different vintage cooking utensils and kitchen apparatus: a weighing scale, pot, kettle, serving bowls, mortar and pestle, an ice shaver, to name a few. It was my first introduction to Bataan- inspired cuisine and we immensely enjoyed the adobo which was a dry variant (no sauce but very flavorful, with a slight kick from the chili) and the longganisa (i like that it was firm, not too oily and hefty enough that one delicious piece makes for a filling meal).

A night at Alta Veranda de Tibig after a wedding is one of the most memorable stays we’ve had in a long time. It was extra special because not anyone can stay in this beautiful place. The rooms are available only for event bookings and you are blessed if the celebrants invite you to stay overnight after their event.

What is noteworthy is the fact that there was no electric power in Silang, Cavite during our stay. Nobody in the party noticed as we didn’t feel any discomfort or disruption even during the wedding activities. Evidently, their high capacity generator was more than enough to supply all the needs of all the bedrooms, the sound systems, airconditioning and the bright lights for the double events that was booked for the weekend. Business as usual at Alta Veranda de Tibig, with or without power (and even when it rained ashes, as what happened during the start of the year).u

There are 13 other rooms available in Alta Veranda de Tibig, and no two rooms are identical. Each one is lovingly designed and furnished with locally handcrafted materials and unique imported pieces. Another noteworthy fact: all the rooms were planned and decorated by the couple owners Noe and Daisy Guevarra together with their design team: Architect Norman Corbadura and Sr Noe’s cousin Marlon Guevarra and brother Danilo Guevarra, a Landscape ArtistNo interior decorator was consulted; the team relied on their design instincts and preferences, with a little inspiration from magazines.

Now if only Alta Veranda de Tibig was open 24/7 and you can stay even without an event, that would make for more memorable nights. But for now, that will remain a beautiful wish.

To inquire or book your special event (inclusive of overnight stay for two with breakfast), call @Alta Veranda de Tibig at (0917) 629 8200,  (0956) 6399575, (0923) 7263227, (0998) 8529441 or (046) 443 5850.

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