Skyview Restobar: Unwinding to Greek food, live music and the city nightscape.

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By Rosemarie Reyes – SouthTrip Editor-in-Chief

When I want to unwind and just chill, I tend to go high up and hole in. Acoustic music doesn’t chase the weariness out of me, I like it old school with a full live band for some rip roaring music over cold beer. I found exactly that — and more — at Sky View Restobar in the heart of Tagaytay City.

In an area that is not exactly known for bars, Sky View Restobar is pretty special. Let me list the notables: it is conveniently located on the third floor, formerly the roof deck of Magallanes Square. So we got the bonus of having fantastic city views at night. My work-weary friends and I arrived at dusk, just in time to see the setting sun bathe the entire place in a wash of gold. Pretty soon, twinkling stars replaced the view. Sky View Restobar offers a wide expanse of sky view (as their name implies) with two walls mostly in glass.

In the main hall where tables and sofas are set cozily near the stage, we feasted on sumptuous and authentic (cheers to that!) Greek dishes as well as Filipino favorites. Now we are always craving for Sky View’s Moussaka (a medley of baked vegetables such as zucchini, potato and eggplant in creamy béchamel sauce layered over ground beef), Cabbage Roll (a fat roll stuffed with rice, parsley, egg and their secret sauce with a dash of calamansi), Shawarma (generously sized and packed with flavor), Osso Bucco (comfort food made with Batangas Bulalo shank, risoni, pesto, fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese). Light eaters in the group enjoyed the Greek Salad (assorted greens with feta cheese, Kalamata olives, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper) and the Croquet Madame (ham and cheese on wheat bread with eggs and veggie salad).  Our friend, a tapa fiend, thoroughly enjoyed his all-day breakfast order of Beef Tapa.

A notable feature worth mentioning: the serving portions are made for sharing. More importantly, the price points are truly reasonable. So we just pigged out and relaxed for a few hours enjoying some of the best Greek dishes we have tried, courtesy of owner and head chef MS. ESTRELLA LABADOR who has lived and raised a family in Greece for many years. We were full and happy, without ruining our budgets.

If that isn’t remarkable enough, Sky View Restobar features live band music, everyday. EVERYDAY. Starting at 8pm from Sunday to Thursday and 8:30pm from Friday to Saturday. No need to worry about ear fatigue should you decide to hit the restobar daily. They have a number of different live bands to spice the night. We went on a Friday and got to hear South Crew. We planned another visit when this particular band plays again (Fridays and Sundays). Listening to music from the 70s, 80s and 90s was a blast and truthfully; we wanted a break from the common local love songs that are full of angst and drama. We wanted to chill! Sure, we did have to shout more often to talk but when there’s good music, cold drinks and fine food, chilling at Sky View made for a real TGIF.

Madame Chef Estrella has had years of experience operating restaurants and bars, including a bed and breakfast. When she and her partner MR. PETER MARKOUTSAS opened Sky View in 2016,  she decided to serve Greek dishes, a cuisine she is most comfortable in. They completely built up the roof deck and transformed it into a cozy restobar with live music every night. Sir Peter, a Greek native now based in Australia, was hands on in building Sky View and presently handles the financial side of the business while Madame Chef is on top of operations, especially in the kitchen.

General Manager Emman T. Abergas recently came on board full time to help in the day-to-day running of the restobar. He has extensive management experience in the hospitality industry after many years of being GM in a stylish boutique hotel, also in Tagaytay.

Among the GM’s recent concepts to materialize is the tweaking of the menu to add new Greek wonders as well as offering different live bands every night to entertain guests. There is no entrance fee or cover charge. Just try to come early in the evening to nab a table. 10pm is when the place starts getting packed and while standing (with a bottle of your preferred drink) is fine, you may want to get more comfortable until the place closes at 2am. GM Abergas also introduced the Weekend Lunch Buffet from 11am to 3pm for only Php399 per person. Better yet, those who are 13 years old and below dine for half the price.

My friends and I stayed until the last song was played. We were stuffed. The drinks we consumed have rendered us all content. Somehow we all knew that we were going to get a good night’s sleep (what was left of it). Chilling at Sky View Restobar was the perfect end to a tough week. A final note: happy hour at Sky View Restobar is from 11am to 6pm and all cocktails is 50% OFF.

We can’t wait to do it all over again in an unassuming rooftop hideaway, only in Tagaytay.

Sky View Restobar is open daily from 7am up to 2am so you can have your breakfast all the way to a midnight snack. For inquiries, call (046) 544.0640 or 0916.192.0507. Sky View Restobar is conveniently located at 3F Magallanes Square, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City.

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