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This starts off as an easy question to tackle. At first, the answer is obvious — do not limit yourself to “girly-colored” bicycles. However, as you consider the difference of proportions between a man and a woman, the right frame size is the answer. It is actually foundational because it defines the boundaries between an enjoyable ride and a needlessly uncomfortable one.

These days, there is such a thing as WSD, and it is not related to what the Americans were looking for in Iraq during the desert war. WSD stands for Woman Specific Design. The origins of the WSD dates back to the early days of 2000s when people suddenly had an epiphany if you can call it, that half of the homo-sapiens are females. This extremely late realization of the obvious still posts a mystery. Some seem to think that it had something to do with the recreational habits of baby boomers.

Fast-forward to today’s enlightened period, a woman specific bike is similar to a men’s model but with a very different geometry. It is shorter and lower. This is key to the nostrum of the comfortable and enjoyable ride.

There are other smaller differences. The woman’s saddle is designed to be wider than the men’s for purely prominent reasons, no pun intended. If the bike has suspensions, the damping needs to be adjusted to the female rider’s weight to smooth out harshness caused by the road surface.

Yes, the things to consider can become overwhelming, but the bike experts at The Spin Cycle can sort out the technicalities of finding the right size and bike adjustments and help you score the right bike.

Ladies should check out The Spin Cycle’s Cannondale Foray which starts at Php20,000.

Visit them at The Ayala Malls, Solenad 2, Sta. Rosa, Laguna ((Space M17, Bldg 2) or call at 049.302.2150 or 0920.967.8163.

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