Four Tips that Safeguard your Pets This Summer

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by Jeff Mancao

Summer season has arrived! The extreme heat plus the humidity is definitely irritating not only for humans but also for our beloved pets.

Heat stroke in dogs is a very severe circumstance and its onset can be sudden, intensifying into an emergency situation in a matter of minutes. Knowing how to treat a dog experiencing heat stroke may be vital to saving your dog’s life.

Here are four things to avoid for your pets during the summer season:

Keep your pets fresh all the time – Twice a week bathing will really help your pets. For double coated pets especially if you don’t have an aircon or proper ventilation, it is best to groom them with a summer cut or even give them a shave. This will help make them more comfortable, giving them relief from the heat. Some pets are not attractive especially shaved but it’s just for three months as their fur grows fast so don’t worry.

Never leave your pets inside the car – Big no, no! Not even if you think you’ll only be a few minutes away. Even when it isn’t that hot outside, the temperature can ascend quickly inside a car. On an 85-degree Fahrenheit day, it can reach 102 F within 10-15 minutes. Best to leave your dog at home, or go to places where he can come with you. During your walks, please make sure to do it after 6pm as the sun stays up longer during the summer season.

If your dog is outdoors, please make sure he has a nice shade – A garden with trees is better for proper shading. The more natural the air, the better. Please always check to refill their water container – lots of fresh, cool water. Adding ice cubes makes it more cooling and refreshing!

Pregnancy planning is vital – Avoid producing puppies during the summer season especially if you don’t have proper ventilation and there is no one dedicated to care for them. The heat makes pregnant dogs stressed out resulting to malnourished puppies or premature puppies. Best to time your dog’s pregnancy during the rainy season until February when the weather is much cooler.

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