Jesi Mendez Salon : Mothers Know Best Especially in Beauty Matters

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Mothers Know Best Especially in Beauty Matters

Remember those times when your mother would advise you on how to achieve beauty the natural, and most often, old-fashioned way? Like using calamansi juice to whiten the underarm (an effective method, as attested by family), or that you should brush your hair 100 strokes every night before sleeping (most beauty experts recommend a lot fewer strokes).

We were talking about all these “Ang sabi ni Nanay” tales on a recent family reunion, much to the amusement of the younger generation. We were struck that our mothers (and grandmothers) have a lot to say about how the women in the family should take care of themselves. They always advise us to look beautiful especially on important occasions. Since it is prom season now, our conversation also centered around the beautiful vintage dresses we have that could be used by younger family members for their high school prom.

In fact, it is a family tradition not to buy new prom gowns. We prefer to raid the bauls and closets of our nanays, titas and lolas. Another tradition the women in our family follow, one strictly upheld by the elder women much like the beauty advice passed on from generation to generation, is that the would-be prom queen visit Jesi Mendez Salon for her hair and makeup.

Every prom season, the young ladies in our family look extra gorgeous with flawless makeup and hair that complement their exquisite vintage gowns. Jesi Mendez Salon never fails to complete the total package that enables our young girls to exude extraordinary charm, often resulting with her being crowned Prom Queen!

For over 40 years, Jesi Mendez Salon has been helping millions of Filipinas achieve that confidently beautiful look. A pioneer in the beauty salon business, it started in the 70’s as a modest beauty salon in Makati run by the visionary and talented Mr. Jesi Mendez — well known in the industry for his professional hairdressing and makeup artistry. Before long, Jesi Mendez Salon gained the reputation as the go-to place for bridal makeup and styling. The salon chain has since grown into several company-owned branches and franchises. Its first branch to open outside Metro Manila is in Ayala Malls Serin, Tagaytay City. Just like in all Jesi Mendez Salons, the Serin branch has an experienced team of professional hair and beauty experts dedicated to helping clients maintain their silky and healthy hair, smooth skin and strong, lovely nails.

For your own budding prom queen, we give the same advise we have heard from our own mothers: visit Jesi Mendez Salon. Year after year, our young women rave about the consistent high level of service they receive. Another thing that keeps them going back to Jesi Mendez Salon is getting what they want: chic styling that is edgy, fresh and glamorous.
Jesi Mendez Salon has built a strong legacy of successfully serving generation upon generation of Filipinas. The salon is always upbeat on new trends; it remains updated on what’s current both in hair technology and artistic creations. This is is why the millennials and Gen Zers in our clan go to Jesi Mendez Salon even after prepping for prom night.

A Prom Queen hair and makeup session at Jesi Mendez Salon Ayala Malls Serin is set at 1,500p only. If your young lady would like to have the airbrush makeup, just add 500p.

In many things, mothers DO know what is best. When it comes to looking beautiful especially on important occasions, rely on the expertise of Jesi Mendez Salon to deliver both classic looks and new styles that are fresh, young and incredibly chic.

Because your Prom Queen deserves the best, visit Jesi Mendez Salon at Unit 41, 2/F Ayala Malls Serin, Tagaytay City. Better yet, call the following numbers to set an appointment:046.544.0307 or 0977.170.8563. Check out their social media accounts for more information: @JesiMendezSalon (Facebook) and @jesimendezofficial (Instagram).

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