Acqua Salon: Prom Queens Unite for a Glow Up before the Big Night

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High school is undoubtedly one of the highlights of young life. This is where we collect unforgettable memories with the best friends we grew up with. One of those memories often include Prom Night.

What could be another high point in addition to attending High School Prom with your besties?

We can say preparing for the big night all together is an exciting prelude to Prom Night. Imagine gathering your girls to visit a salon as one big group, chatting away as you all get your hair and make up done. If shopping together for the perfect ball gown and shoes is fun, think about how much more fun it will be when you spend hours together in one room while you get your hair styled and your makeup perfected.

Acqua Salon located in Fora Mall is the best place to get your girl group all glammed up if you are in Tagaytay. The Acqua Salon team is well versed in the latest trends that hit the spot with the style-conscious and adventurous Gen Z set. Its bright and spacious interiors is nothing like your grandma’s elegant parlor (the term used to describe a salon in their heyday) and you will fit right in.

Acqua Salon, managed by the same team behind industry pioneer Jesi Mendez Salon, is a full service beauty hub with comfy chairs, empowering handwritten murals, and a relaxing ambiance that is perfect for a group of young lovely ladies excited to celebrate their innate Prom Queen status.

It is best to call (046).544.9043 or (0945).537.8996 to reserve a chair and ensure that each of your besh will have a major glow up. A Prom Queen hair and makeup session at Acqua Salon Fora Mall is priced at 1,300p only. Just add 500p to get the airbrush makeup and be extra.

For the most exciting night of high school life, get Prom-ready with your fellow queens right beside your salon chair. Only at Acqua Salon Fora Mall Tagaytay, of course.

Visit Acqua Salon with your girl gang at the 2nd Floor, Wellness Zone, Fora Mall, Tagaytay City. To reserve a salon chair for each one of your besties, call 046.544.9043 or 0945.537.8996. Check out their social media accounts for the latest news:

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