Dog lover or hoarder?

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by Jeff Mancao

Dog lovers know something that no one else does: there’s no purer form of love than the kind you get from your four-legged family.

There are some individuals who are so in love with their numerous pets but unfortunately, it’s all verbal. No actions are made and as a result, pets suffer from lack of grooming and attention, are malnourished and have zero exercise.

Having a pet or a pack of dogs is a lifetime commitment (12-15 years). It is your responsibility to provide utmost care, love and comfort.

It is quite alarming and this is why I have chosen to discuss this topic. Let me share the definition of Animal Hoarding.

In order to be considered an animal hoarder, a person must have a number of animals at home that are not receiving the minimum care and love. To further illustrate:

1. Most animals kept by hoarders are gruesome, dirty, and infested with parasites. Another problem is the environment where the animals are located which can include flea and tick infestations and improper waste management.

2. Wretchedly, the hoarders themselves are typically breathing in the same unsanitary environment as their animals. Sometimes, this environment do not even have a functioning kitchen or bathroom.

3. Animal hoarders are socially secluded, tend to be impulsive, and are often associated with attachment problems to other people.

In other countries, failure to provide appropriate care for animals is a crime and the penalty is really serious.

Here in the Philippines, we have Republic Act No. 8485, an act to promote animal welfare in the country, otherwise known as the Animal Welfare Act of 1998.

We must not tolerate hoarders. Instead, let us educate them on how to be good pet parents.

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