Christmas with your Pets

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by Jeff Mancao

Christmas is a great time to have fun with the whole family including your beloved pets. No matter what your plans are for the holiday season, it is important to involve your pets in your Christmas celebration to ensure they have a memorable holiday as well.

Below are some great ideas on how you can include your pets in Christmas activities:

Groufie or Selfie with your pets
This has to be one of our favorite ideas! Add a Santa hat on top of your dog’s head or tie a cute (but loose) red bow around your pal. Please make sure that the costume is comfortable for your pet — nothing too tight or elaborately complicated. Choose the best shot and post it on FB or IG.

Include them in your parties
If your pals are sociable and you are going to a pet friendly place, you have an option that to bring them with you. In fact, it is a good idea to do so. This is the perfect time for both of you to bond, especially if you are bringing your whole family. Your kids will have the time of their life showing off the family pet to everyone.

Buy them gifts
Yes, include them in your gift giving! Here are some useful gift ideas for your beloved pets and friends who are pet lovers:
✓ Dog Bed: it’s sure to be appreciated by dogs who could use a comfy place to nap (and owners who are tired of looking at a soggy old dog bed)
✓ Dog treats: Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones you can eat. This principle is as true for dogs as it is for people, so why not fill your pup’s Christmas stocking with some delicious jerky? These beefy treats come in a 60-oz container and contain 15 vitamins, as well as minerals, calcium and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Reminder: please be careful when gift wrapping, be sure to keep your pet away. Wrapping paper, string, ribbon, plastic pieces or cloth could all cause intestinal blockages. Scissors are another pet safety hazard and they should be kept off the floors or low tables where your pet can easily snatch them.

Christmas tree decorations—whether they be ornaments or popcorn strings—are pet safety time bombs waiting to happen. These sparkly, shiny goodies are just too enticing. Your pet will not be able to resist them; they will surely tug at them and may even knock down your wonderfully decorated tree.

Be mindful and both you and your pets you will have a smooth holiday season. Merry Christmas and have a blessed 2019 ahead!

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