Let your pets do “networking” of their own at pet events.

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By Jeff Mancao

The perfect time to bond with your pals is to bring them to social pet events. There’s no better way to celebrate diversity and friendship between you and your pets than attending a pet-friendly show. I have noticed that many who attend this type of activity-packed event actually help their pets tone down their aggressiveness and develop social behavior skills.

Here are some factual benefits to attending pet events:

Sensational Interactive Activities
Pet shows are fun and interactive. There are hundreds of activities for you and your pet. Most events showcase pet talent demonstrations, allow pets to participate in contests, and enable you to enjoy the company of experts and pet lovers. Please keep in mind that your pet needs to be current on vaccination and must be in good health condition.

Priceless Fun
Pet shows are a lot of fun for the entire family. It is a great way to spend a day with your kids, friends, and of course…your pet pals. You get the chance to meet pet celebrities, interact with animals of different breeds, try new things and simply spend an exciting and memorable time together. It is truly an experience that promotes bonding, especially for pets.

Sweet Shopping Deals
Pet expos have hundreds of vendors showcasing their pet products and services. You can shop for the newest, most exciting products; food items and treats; pet care products; toys and accessories. Of course, pet shows have grooming areas where you can have your pet groomed and smelling good the whole day!

Informative Sessions
Most pet shows promote responsible ownership. You can participate in panel discussions, seminars and demonstrations to learn from experts how to choose pets, how to take better care of them, how to understand and meet their different needs and how to keep them safe, to name just a few. This awareness will help you take proper care of your pets so that they are healthier and happier.

Again, before attending such pet shows or dog walk events, see to it that your dogs are updated with their shots, especially anti-rabies as you are responsible and liable in case of mishap.

Mark your calendars and have fun!

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