Dog Noise Phobia

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By Jeff Mancao

First of all, a blessed 2018 to all pets & pet parents out there!

New Year’s Eve has been celebrated with sumptuous food and loud noise like music or fireworks. Festive for us but for dogs, it is

As per, compared to a human, a dog’s hearing range is approximately twice as wide. Dogs typically can
detect sounds between 67-45,000 Hz, while humans can detect sounds between 64-23,000. In the upper frequencies of a dog’s
hearing range, the sounds can cause a dog irritation and discomfort.

Many dogs overplay to sudden loud noises like my pal Gibs. He gets paranoid with thunder sound, any fireworks sound and even
when a spoon drops on the floor. Once he does the salivation, it means he is stressed out, and then we directly comfort him by
massaging and rubbing his head and body gently.

Not all dogs’ response to upsetting noises are the same. Some dogs express hyper-vigilance when they hear loud noises, while others
are quietly hiding their fear. Outright panic is also not an unusual reaction for some dogs especially aspins or local dogs.
It’s vital to understand the difference between the normal fear a dog expresses and fear that has become pathologic. In the latter
situation, a dog begins to generalize his fear for example, a clap of thunder, to every sudden or flashy noise in his environment.

5 Signs of Noise Phobia symptoms
• Extreme panting or salivation (stressed out)
• Barking a lot
• Trembling and pacing
• Uncontrolled urination/defecation
• Hiding or escaping

Tips on how to calm your dog
• Keep your dog in a quiet place like inside your house
• If you’re outside and watching fireworks display, place your dog inside your car and play jazz music. Please turn on the AC and do not leave him alone!
• Massage and rub the body gently to calm him down
• Communicate with him
• Get his favorite toy or treat to divert his attention from the scene

Always remember, please be mindful and observe the body language of your pet. In case the worst scenario happens, visit your vet
right away.


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