Jesi Mendez Salon : Where Every Stroke of Make-up is a Masterpiece

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JESI MENDEZ SALON chain is one of the pioneers in the beauty salon business in the Philippines. Starting out in the 70’s in a modest hole-in-a-wall beauty salon in Buendia, Makati, it has bloomed into a chain salon that takes its growth slowly, making sure that the standard of quality is maintained and sustained. Jesi Mendez Salon has created a brand that highlights make-up as an artistic
expression of beauty.

Putting on make-up becomes an everyday moment of creativity, every stroke is considered a masterpiece. The Jesi Mendez Salon brand of make-up is trademarked by a corrective style of makeup. The idea is to highlight the fine features of the face and hide the flaws. In the past, this kind of make-up is not a major issue. Everything depended on the skills of the make-up artist. Nowadays,
make-up brands have also leveled up the quality of their products which make the work of the make-up artists easier. But at the end of the day, it is still the technical and creative skills of the make-up artists that will make the difference. And that is the main unique selling point of the Jesi Mendez Salon brand—where confidence starts.

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