French Bulldog 101

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By Jeff Mancao

As a passionate breeder for almost 10 years, I am used to getting tons of questions. One of the most frequently asked is “what’s the best pet for me?” Again, I always say, having a pet is a commitment for 12-15 years. You need to be a hands-on parent, administer TLC (tender loving care) regularly, maintain all vaccines needed, supply the right diet, and stay consistent even though your pet is grumpy and old already.

Based on my client market, one of the trendiest dogs to have last year was the French Bulldog. Why? We will briefly discuss their characteristics, lifestyle and attitude.

The French Bulldog, also called Frenchies, is similar to a Bulldog, its miniature though with large erected ears.The head is a large and compact square, with heavy wrinkles rolled above its extremely short nose. The body beneath the smooth, brilliant coat is compact and muscular.

I must say, they are low maintenance in grooming but a little high maintenance in their diet. I usually feed them with Lamb & Rice diet (price range Php130-150 per kg) as this helps their coat to shine and even keep their body in great condition. For hygiene, one bath per week is a must especially during the summer season as they get overheated easily.

They bark occasionally but their alertness makes them underrated watchdogs. They happily adapt to life with singles, couples or families, and do not require a lot of outdoor exercise. This makes the French Bulldog perfect for living in townhouses or even condos. Dog walks in the park is fine, with only 500m in distance covered. They are sociable as they get on well with other dogs and enjoy making new friends so beware of dognappers!

Think twice always before a getting a dog. Always check the breed and its character. Also, ask yourself if you are ready and committed to have a dog. Other than that, enjoy your pet and welcome to the satisfying life of a pet parent.

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