Finding the Perfect Fit for Rehomed Dogs

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By Jeff Mancao

These past few months, I have been busy helping pet parents who are looking for potential parents for rehoming their dogs. It’s a tough decision to make especially if you have grown attached to your dog for years. Reasons to part with dogs commonly fall on
circumstances such as going abroad, the need to downsize their kennel, and others. The hardest part is always the emotional effect
especially if the dog is already attached to its old owner.

Based on my personal experience, dogs go through a process of adjusting slowly with their new parents. Loss of appetite sometimes
happen for the first few days but once the new parent becomes more affectionate and committed, the dog normally adjusts faster
to its new home.

For me, the challenge is to be able to deliver the results of locating the right candidate/parent to create a Happy Dog, Happy Home experience. Finding the right fit is a process of screening and interviewing the potential parent.

Here are some factors to consider:

Commitment – It is vital that the new parent is willing to be hands-on consistently to gain the attention and emotion of the dog. Once you have the dog, you are introducing him as a new member of your family.

Acceptance – It’s like commitment. Discuss first with your family members before adopting a dog. It’s important to explain to them the purpose of adopting him. Make sure that you are ready to accept him as a new member of your family.

Breed of the dog – Every breed has its own character. The character of the dog to be adopted must match the lifestyle of the potential parent. For example, working dogs are more suited to people who love to exercise, like walking or running.

Basic needs – Give the right dog food and vitamins and maintain regular checkups with the vet, including regular shots/deworming. Practice giving once-a-month grooming for hairy dogs. Ensuring a regular exercise routine like taking walks or ball fetching is beneficial to the dog especially if it has hyper activity attributes.

As they say, a family without a dog is incomplete!

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