Giving the Best Name for Your Pet

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By Jeff Mancao

Providing a pet name is one of the most exciting tasks of being a pet parent. At the age of one month, you may start thinking about a good name that will suit your pet. To tell you honestly, I give names right away, even when rhey’re only days old — that’s how excited I am! Maybe you’ve had a name picked out before you even met your pup, or maybe you’re two months in and still indecisive. That’s understandable. It can be hard to make a decision so permanent and substantial.

Like my pal, Gibo (Boston Terrier breed) was named after a politician who was running for President at that time Catchy names makes them more interesting as most of your friends will ask the history of it.

I have prepared some interesting views to help you pick the perfect name for your beloved pets. Hopefully, this can take away some of the guesswork and make the name-the-pet a more fun activity.

Name based on color. Typical names for brown colored dogs: Brownie, Choco or Chocolate, Coco or Cocoa, and Chestnut. For black colored ones: Blackie, Espresso, or Noir. For the snow whites: Snow, Latte or Whitey. Actually, the options are boundless.

Name based on famous characters. Hachi or Hachiko, the famous and loyal dog in Japan, or from Hollywood like Lassie or even Friday from the movie Hotel for the Dogs. You can likely find inspiration from notable movie characters that fit the look or personality of the dog. I know some fitting names for big dogs are Thanos, Thor or Hulk of the Infinity Wars.

Name based on your favorite food. Bacon, Lemon, Hersheys, Tacos, Apple, Peaches and Oatmeal are those that come quickly to mind. But there are many more to choose from like Liempo, Porkchop and Siopao to name a few. Even common kitchen ingredients make for interesting names: Pepper, Garlic and Tokwa.

Name given by your children. Pet names given by your child makes it more special like cartoon character names: Picachu, Pororo, Lupin, Barbie and the like. Your kid is also more likely to form a special bond with the pet just because he had a hand in naming it.

Name based on your dog’s personality. Personally, I named our male Boston Terrier Tiger because of his feisty attitude when he was a pup.

Name based of famous celebrities. Now this is fun. Imagine calling out the following names while your dog runs in the park: JLO, Lebron, Jordan, Tom, Will, Jackson, Justin and so many more. That will elicit smiles from other people in the park.

Good luck and please make sure to provide the right name for your beloved pals!

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