Jade and Hotel and Suites: Make it Your Home in the Heart of Makati

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By Trisha Padlan


Busy people, tall buildings, and crowded streets. These are the usual words that come into mind whenever I hear or think about the City of Makati. It is one of the sixteen cities that make up the packed sprawl that is Metro Manila. Perhaps that’s why I tend to think that finding relaxation at the best affordable price may be a challenge in this posh, business district. But little did I know that this expensive city offers a place where relaxation and good food makes for a great experience…and does not come at a premium. Located in the heart of Makati City, Jade Hotel and Suites offers guests at any age a quick getaway and a staycation like no other.


It was a hectic weekend when the SouthTrip team spent an entire day at one of the biggest exhibitions held at the SMX Convention Center Manila. Since the place was filled with lots of people and activities, we all got tired pretty quickly and craved for a stress-free environment. Luckily, we were booked overnight at Jade Hotel and Suites — a stay that inspired me to write about one of the more underrated hotels in the city.


Jade Hotel and Suites is a contemporary 38-room hotel founded by owners Engr. Jade Grigo and Dr. Anne Grigo that aims to provide guests, mostly city dwellers and people on a business trip, with a tranquil environment. I was a little surprised to find a kitchenette in our room until I learned that the place was originally planned to be a condominium. However, college students who lived near the place convinced the owners to convert it into a hotel. A good move, if I may say so. Having a kitchenette in every room can be quite functional for long stays. To be honest, I like it better when I get to stay in a place where pretty little kitchens are provided (I may not say it much but yes, I have some weird little obsession with kitchens!). But I was equally happy to learn that a daily buffet breakfast is part of the deal when booked at the hotel.


Jade Hotel and Suites offers the weary businessman amenities to make relaxing after-office a done deal: a swimming pool to exercise in and be refreshed ; Cafe Chloe for your caffeine fix with sweets (if you’re traveling with kids, they will find the pastries and milkshakes a treat); Rafa’s, a fine dining restaurant that is ideal for intimate dates or more work meetings while dining (try their Margaritta Pizza and Spare Ribs, seriously good); and Enzo’s View Bar, quite popular with millennials especially when the acoustic band plays.


Ever since I became part of SouthTrip, I always write about a place just the way I see it. I like being honest about how I found the place, its people and the details of our entire stay. This is my first time to write about a hotel in Makati, I said to myself. This is something new, somewhere really far from the South, and completely different from what I am familiar with. But, I knew right there and then, I was going to enjoy and love this “Northern staycation” experience, as we liked to call it.


Priced very reasonably, ours came equipped with a 32” television with digital cable, a mini refrigerator, free Wi-Fi and broadband access and an aircon unit — all the mod cons for a super comfortable stay away from home. All room types share the same toilet and bathroom design. While basic, the most important thing is that it is very clean. Hot water, soap, shampoo, towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes were likewise provided. From the usual scenery of trees, mountain and greenery that I am used to when vacationing, the view from our room was a concrete jungle. But the jungle came alive at night with lights coming from cars and nearby buildings, like twinkling stars that have come down to illuminate the cityscape at night.


Jade Hotel and Suites may be located right smack in the city, but our hotel room was a comforting cocoon undisturbed by the noise or pollution outside, a cool sanctuary where the air smelled clean and fresh. We were hankering for peace and quiet after a full day of being immersed in the city and we got exactly that in the heart of Makati.

To get a unique cityscape experience at Jade Hotel and Suites, visit the hotel at 1120 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Philippines 1204. For inquiries and reservations, call 890.0710, 890.0686, or 890.0691 or email them at reservation@jadehotelandsuites.com. Check out their website jadehotelandsuites.com for more information.

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